IFED World Congress 2026

Evolution and Revolution in Esthetic Dentistry.

It is with great pleasure to host the 14th World Congress of International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) from November 13-15, 2026, in Seoul, South Korea by Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. 

This World Congress will take place under the theme of “Evolution and Revolution in Esthetic Dentistry.” We are delighted to take this opportunity to emphasize on the magnificent evolution of esthetic dentistry in our era, where it is not solely focused on esthetics of teeth, but also on overall esthetics of the human face and body.

Through this event, we are certain that we will be able to demonstrate the role of “K-Dentistry” in its influence worldwide. 

By dividing the theme into subsets of Pink and White, Digital and Analog, we will be able to explore future developments in the field of esthetic dentistry. Through this World Congress, we will be able to improve our clinical abilities ten-fold. 

Korea is a diverse country shining with not just K-pop, but also alimentation and cultural history. We are happy to provide to you various opportunities to explore our beautiful culture. This congress will be an event of not just learning, but also of life-time memories. 

We are delighted to invite everyone of the dental field around the globe to the 14th IFED World congress & 39th KAED Annual Symposium. We hope to celebrate these wonderful festivities with you.