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IFED's mission is to contribute to the progress and development of education in Esthetic dentistry worldwide.  We're committed to providing support and enhancing the exchange of information across all borders as well as communication between all member organizations to promote esthetic oral health.

In this respect IFED is a non-profit organisation, meaning that no financial gain will be apportioned to the individual subscribers of member Academies / Societies nor to the governing officers of the IFED Executive Council.

Our Goals

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To encourage establishment of national academies of esthetic dentistry along with IFED guidelines.

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To help coordinate and publicize both national and international meetings on esthetic dentistry.

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To assist members in practical organisation of meetings including help in obtaining speakers.


IFED Support to
Member Academies

IFED can provide guidance in establishing an academy through:


  • Providing examples of academy constitutions and bylaws.

  • Helping member and applicant academies obtain some of the world's top clinicians to lecture at their meetings.

  • This usually requires planning several years in advance, since the most sought-after clinicians schedule their travel far in advance. Both IFED officers and member academy representatives can be most helpful in contacting prominent speakers or suggesting others to help the academy reach its potential.

IFED and Social Networks

IFED subscribes to the production of social media elements dynamically functional and interactive.

  • This website is updated regularly to reflect events and news within IFED on a current basis.

  • The IFED Newsletter is produced 4 times a year and distributed to all members.

  • Facebook: News and Events - reporting and commenting on current affairs.

  • Facebook:  Clinical Cases - discussions and forums.

  • Twitter pages and YouTube videos are currently being developed.

Online Meeting

IFED Resources


IFED Bylaws

The Bylaws of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED)



Association Guidelines 

Guidelines of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED)


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